Frequently asked questions

Here is a list of the frequently asked questions which are asked by our guests

You can compare it with a Laufhaus:
You enter our building and can can explore our rooms completely anonymous and without compulsory consumption.
There is no entrance fee!
You can expect 10+ hot girls, which exercise prostitution on an independent basis in our rooms.
All girls have a valid 'green card'. Which means that they are allowed to 'the business' by the authorities and are regulary examined by doctors.

In a Laufhaus you knock on a door, you mostly get a big poster of a beautyful woman.
Often a woman is opening the door and has no similarity with the poster on the door.
As a gentleman you are, you begin a conversation and finally you land in bed with here with the thought 'maybe i should have been knocking on another door'.
In the worst case you have to go to bed with each girl just to get to know which woman is the 'one' for you. This can be very expensive!

In a Peepshow the procedure is vuce versa: You find the girl you like completely anonymous and uncomplicated - and she does not see you!
How does this work?
In short:
1) You go into one of our free rooms
2) use the touch screen, where you can find all available girls and their service list and prices
3) if you like a girl, you call it into your room with the touch screen.

But how do i avoid to get a 'bad surprise' as in a Laufhaus?
After the principle 'your eye fucks with you'.
Have a look at the live stage and you see what to expect :)
Because in the center of our building there is a show stage.
All three minutes the girls change on the live stage and present their bodies to you and try to arouse your 'desire for more'.
In the whole building there are info screens where you can view all available girls and the girl which is live on stage.
With touch screens you can view the girls pictures, services and prices.
Circular around the live stage there are cabins. You can enter them to view our girls on stage.
In the cabin of your choice you lock the door behind you and you are in front of an opaque window.
Here you also find a LCD screen which shows the current girl on stage and (with euro coins or our bonus card) you can unlock the opaque window and have a view to the live stage.
We have 6 mirrored cabins (you can't be seen from the live stage - you see the girl on the stage, but she does not see you) and 2 unmirrored cabins (as soon as the window is unlocked, you see her and she can also see you).

Our bonus card is in the size of a credit card and can instead of cash be used for all our cabins and rooms.
You can get the card at the reception in the entrance area and you can prepay it as you like.
The bonus card is anonymous and unprinted (completely in white, only the serial number is visible) and nobody will think about the case that it is our card (there is no address or logo printed on it).
The prepayed credit does not expire, you can keep the card and next time you visit us you can use it directly in our cabins or rooms (you dont have to go to the reception in this case).You can also use the card for the live stage, rooms, glory hole and video cabins. Girls are paid always in cash!

Your advantage?
You saveup to 50% on the normal prices if you use our card!
Because of that your card credit can't be exchanged back in cash again.

If you are registered on our homepage you can link you bonus card with your account (menu 'My Laufhaus Wien').
You collect Peep Points on your account if you use your card or rate our girls.
This points are independent of you current credit on your bonus card.

There are following bonus levels:
Silver: 50+ Peep Points
Gold: 250+ Peep Points
Platin: more than 500 Peep Points

You collect Peep Points:
- you collect one point for each 10€ you prepay your card
- you collect 10 points if you call a girl into your room
- you collect 5 points if you call a girl into the glory hole or video cabin
- you collect 5 points if you rate a girl on our homepage
- you collect 2 points for each day you use your card in our building

With the Peep Points you have the following advantages:
- you get a discount of girl reservations (as silver customer you get 50% discount on the reservation fee, for Gold and Platin customers there is no reservation fee!)
- you can exchange Peep Points to credit on your bonus card (1 Peep Point equals 10 Cent as value)
Info: You Peep Points are only valid for 3 month

All working girls working at us excercise prostitution on an independent basis.
Because of that we have no influence when they come to us or have a day off (they are not employed).
If they want to work at our house, they make an appointment and we put that information on our homepage.
As you expect we try to inform our customers detailed about the appointments, but in rare cases the girls leave the house spontaneously or cancel their appointments.
If a girl which already had an appointment with us, we have no influence if and when she will come back to work.

If you are registered on our homepage, you can be automatically informed about future appointments of your favoured girls per mail. (you find that function on the girl detail page).